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Our Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


“Applied Behavior Analysis” (ABA) is the standard of care for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. ABA therapy is rooted in the scientific study of the principles of learning and behavior. In ABA therapy, we use specialized assessment methods to understand what motivates your child. We then use this motivation to teach your child socially significant behaviors. For more information, go to www.bacb.com.

ABA is an effective form of treatment because it:

  • Uses positive reinforcement procedures to promote learning
  • May be used on a large variety of functional skills necessary for integration into daily life
  • Systematically breaks down skills into manageable steps that are easier for the individual to learn
  • Provides multiple opportunities for the individual to learn, practice, and perfect each step of the skill
  • Systematically collects and analyzes data to ensure the interventions being performed are effective


Skill and Behavior Building


ABA focuses on small aspects of behavior which build toward larger, more significant changes in functioning and levels of independence. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who is responsible for your child’s treatment will develop a carefully constructed, individualized and detailed treatment plan which uses reinforcement and other behavior principles to promote the best possible functioning for your child and to help your child maintain and generalize those successes.  ABA has proven to be helpful with the following skills:

  • Toilet Training
  • Adaptive living skills (including feeding, dressing, bathing, etc.)
  • Expressive language (including labeling objects, people, and emotions)
  • Receptive language (including following directions, selecting objects from a greater field)
  • Play & leisure skills (including how to play with toys functionally and appropriately, expanding interests outside of electronics)
  • Social skills (including initiating conversations, responding to questions from peers, engaging in interactive play, turn-taking skills with peers)
  • Basic academic and pre-academic skills
  • Ready-to-learn behaviors (including sitting in a chair at a desk or table, refraining from grabbing materials when presented, looking at the instructor)


Parent Training


Each child is unique and each family situation is different.  The mission of Gorge Behavior Solutions is to assist each family in becoming a lifelong advocate and support for their child/family member on the spectrum.  Therapy sessions will be administered in the home setting by an ABA professional, but family member involvement in each session is highly encouraged.  ABA professionals will work with families in order to pass along ABA knowledge and strategies in order to best support each client.